At DSEH, our eye specialists dedicate time to understanding the root cause of your condition.

Each year we welcome and treat patients from all over the world who seek specialized treatment available for eye care.

We offer complete diagnostic and treatment services in all aspects of ophthalmology. We provide routine eye exams to the most advanced ocular surgery and the treatment of diseases that have an impact on vision, and other related areas.

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital

synonymous with eye care services, for over 35 years & a stand-alone hi-tech center sprawls over 15,000 sq. ft., designed exclusively for a gamut of ophthalmic services. Very few hospitals offer a similar range of facility and services combined with economical packages – under one roof. Dr. Narpat Solanki as Chairman and an Ophthalmologist by profession, leader committed to deliver best of technology, skilled & well known Clinicians value and supporting staff to achieve the Mission Vision and Values for the patient to experience in a serene ambience in par with global standards.

Dr.Solanki Eye Hospital is the Second Eye Hospital in South India to be Accredited with NABH Eye Care Standards, individualizing Friendly Patient Care and easy access of quality eye care Treatment on priority with focus on all aspects of Patient Care. Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital. We Give Simply …..Eye care.

Specialized Ophthalmic Services

  • Cataract Surgeries with Monofocal, Toric & Multifocal Lenses & many more,
  • Cornea & Refractive Procedure : Bladeless LASIK –TPRK & ICL Implants for high myopic cases
  • other services
  • Free opinion and quotes by Online,
  • Selection of best doctor to treat specific disease,
  • Logistical support such as transportation and accommodation,
  • Issue of letter from Hospital for Medical Visa Assistance to the patients and their Attendants
  • Travel Assistance to the patients and their Attendants
  • Forex and other concierge services
  • Arranging for add on services like Holidays, Pilgrimage Tourism and shopping
  • Full patient support service - 24/7 service
  • Translators and Interpreters in major foreign Languages.
  • Food, Home Nurse, Dietitian, Local Transportation [Top Branded Rented car can be provided with Driver]
  • Local Mobile Telephone Connection with medical advisor.

We are Specialized in:


We provide the highest quality healthcare at the lowest price. The cost of treatment at our hospital is very economical which every patient can afford.


We provide treatment of high quality using the latest technology and technique which is customized and delivered to every individual patient. Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital is the second Eye hospital in South India accreted with NABH Eye Care Standards.

VISA & Travel

Visa invitation letter is needed for applying medical visa to India. Upon receiving the required details such as passport number, visa invitation letter will be issued for prospective foreign patient. On arrival at Bangalore, you can feel at home by our team that takes care of your accommodation / stay, food & rest assured.


We provide the highest quality healthcare at the lowest price. The cost of treatment at our hospital is very economical which every patient can afford.

end-to-end requirements

We shall help you to ensure every comfort to all international tourists in every aspect by taking care of their end-to-end requirements. Such as security and translators which is important to ensure & ease the patients in India.

Waiting time

All international Patients are taken on priority basis with no waiting time, once they are in the Hospital.


Our expertise and experience for your eye care.

and Refractive
Vitreo Retina and Diabetic
Pediatric Ophthalmology
& Squint

Eye Conditions and Treatments

At DSEH, our patients benefit from the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options available. This includes personalized medicine that involves using patient information to optimize specific eye care needs.

Our ophthalmologists evaluate and treat the following:

Treatment is provided with advanced multifocal lenses.


Expert care is provided for corneal diseases, trauma and conditions requiring corneal transplantation.

Dry Eye

Treatment will often begin with the use of artificial tears to more advanced options including medications, or the use of tiny plugs placed in the tear drainage ducts to help moisture stay on the surface of the eye longer.

Refractive LASIK

We provide cosmetic procedures for myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or a combination of these can be cleared with laser based or lens based surgeries.


Treatment options for glaucoma include medications or laser surgery.

Retina and Vitreous

Disorders of the retina and vitreous, which can be caused by many conditions, are often treated with medication or laser surgery.

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