Second Opinion

Getting a Second Opinion for Eye Treatment or Surgery in times during diagnosis can make a big difference in the outcome
and Second opinion will always help you to get a clarity on your treatment by experts you choose.

What is a second opinion for Eye Treatment or Surgery?

A second opinion is when a doctor other than your regular doctor gives his or her view about your Eye ailment / problem and its treatment. Getting a second opinion can help you make a more informed decision about the care you choose. Our Doctors has been performing medical consultation for many decades. They will provide you a completely unbiased opinion on any of your eye care needs. Medical procedures should not be taken lightly, Contact your eye specialist for a second opinion on your eye care & surgical needs.
When your doctor says you have an Eye ailment / problem that needs surgery, you have the right to the following:

  • Know and understand your treatment choices.
  • Have another doctor look at those choices with you (second opinion).
  • Participate in treatment decisions by making your wishes known.

When to get a second medical opinion?

If your doctor says you need surgery to diagnose or treat an Eye problem that isn’t an emergency, you should consider getting a second opinion. It’s up to you to decide when and if you will have surgery. You might also want a second opinion if your doctor tells you that you should have certain major non-surgical procedures/ investigations.

What to do when you get a second opinion Before you visit the second doctor, you should do the following:

  • Ask your doctor to send your medical reports / records to you to show it to the second Specialist. That way, you may not have to repeat the tests you have already undergone and paid for it.
  • Keep your reports & records before you visit your doctor,
  • Call the second doctor’s clinic or hospital and make sure they have an appointment for you.
  • Write down a list of questions you want to clarify & keep it with you to get clarified during your second opinion consultation visit.
  • Ask a friend or loved one to come with you to meet the second doctor

During the visit with the second doctor, you should do the following:

  • Tell the doctor what surgery you are considering.
  • Tell the doctor what tests you already had.
  • Ask the questions you have on your list and encourage your friend or loved one to ask any questions that he or she may have.

Note: The second doctor may ask you to have additional tests performed as a result of the visit.

What if the first and second opinions are different?

    If the second doctor doesn’t agree with the first, you may feel confused about what to do. In that case, you may want to do the following:

  • With the information and suggestions, you have got from the second doctor, you can go back to your primary doctor, discuss and clarify all your doubts in your mind before making decision.
  • If you are not clear in your decision, do not hesitate to go for a third doctor as post treatment things may not be corrected or changed. Talk to a third doctor.
  • Getting a second / third opinion doesn’t mean you have to change doctors.

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