Our eye is like a camera, the objects we see are focused on the retina similar to the reel in a camera.
Due to lack of blood supply, the retina in diabetic patients is affected, which in turn affects the blood vessels. This leads to decreased vision.

Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy

No symptom in the early stages

Fluctuating vision

Decreased & loss of vision is seen only in late stages

In late stages, loss of vision is permanent if not diagnosed & treated early


Achieve blood sugar control through proper diet, medicine & exercise.

Regular visit to your eye doctor at least once in six months after diagnosis of diabetes.

Your eye specialist can prevent further loss of vision & treat Diabetic Retinopathy through laser injection and surgery.


  • Blurred vision or sudden loss of vision
  • Night blindness
  • Distortion in vision
  • Frequent redness of eyes
  • Floaters and light flashes
  • Issues with central and peripheral vision
  • Extreme visual sensitivity to light

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