International Patients Services

At DSEH, our eye specialists dedicate time to understanding the root cause of your condition.

Each year we welcome and treat patients from all over the world who seek specialized treatment available for eye care.

We offer complete diagnostic and treatment services in all aspects of ophthalmology. We provide routine eye exams to the most advanced ocular surgery and the treatment of diseases that have an impact on vision, and other related areas.

Eye Conditions and Treatments

At DSEH, our patients benefit from the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options available. This includes personalized medicine that involves using patient information to optimize specific eye care needs.

Our ophthalmologists evaluate and treat the following:


Treatment is provided with advanced multifocal lenses.


Expert care is provided for corneal diseases, trauma and conditions requiring corneal transplantation.

Dry Eye

Treatment will often begin with the use of artificial tears to more advanced options including medications, or the use of tiny plugs placed in the tear drainage ducts to help moisture stay on the surface of the eye longer.

Refractive LASIK

We provide cosmetic procedures for myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or a combination of these can be cleared with laser based or lens based surgeries.


Treatment options for glaucoma include medications or laser surgery.

Retina and Vitreous

Disorders of the retina and vitreous, which can be caused by many conditions, are often treated with medication or laser surgery.

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