Chairman's Message
Having a Noble Vision of “Every Person should have a right to see”,we as a dedicated team of more than 70 associates have worked tirelessly for over 28 years with one goal in mind, i.e. Achieve to set up and deliver quality eye care services at its best using the latest technologies as required today backed by nearly 3 decades of clinical experience. Making eye care procedures as simple as possible and giving utmost care and comfort is the thumb rule at Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital. (DSEH). No patient will be receiving anything lesser than he deserves which makes eye care at DSEH simple and ensures all patients leaving the hospital post treatment, have a broad smile. We have successfully operated on over 2.4 lakh patients and many more through our CSR Programmes. DSEH takes credit of being the pioneer in using technologically advanced equipments backed by highly experienced eye care Consultants to ensure the best results for patients. Dr. Solanki Eye Hospital is the outcome of Simplicity, Skill, Experience and Passion backed by dedication practiced over 28 years delivering, Simply…. Eye Care!