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Simple Eye Care

Accidents occur to even the most safety-conscious people. When an injury to the eye occurs, prompt and correct treatment can often mean the difference between sight and blindness. Because it is usually difficult to tell how much damage has occurred, it is important to see a doctor as soon as first-aid is completed.

The following guidelines will help to ensure that you do the right thing until you can get to an emergency room or call your doctor.

1. When a speck or particle is in the eye

  • Never rub the eye
  • Lift the upper lid over the lower lid allowing the eyelashes to brush whatever is in the eye off the inside of the upper lid.
  • Blink a few times and let the eye remove the particle out of the eye.
  • If the particle remains, keep the eye closed and get medical help.

2. A hit or blow to the eye

  • Immediately apply an ice-cold compress for about 15 minutes to reduce pain and swelling.
  • A black eye or blurred vision can mean that damage has occurred. See your doctor right away.

3. Cuts to the eye or eye-lid

  • Bandage the eye gently with gauze and first-aid tape and immediately get medical help.
  • Do not attempt to wash out the eye or remove an object stuck in the eye.
  • Never apply pressure to the injured eye or eye-lid and be careful not to rub the eye.

4. When chemicals splash in the eye

  • Immediately flood the eye with water, using your fingers to hold the eye open and as wide as possible.
  • Hold your head under a tap and pour water into the eye from any clean container for at least 15 mins. Roll your eyes around as much as possible to wash everything out.
  • Do not use an eye-cup.
  • Do not bandage the eye
  • Get medical help as soon as you have finished washing the eye.

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