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Correcting your vision


Advantages of Glasses
  • Traditional method of correcting all forms of refractive error
  • Glasses have few complications associated with their use
  • Glasses are very precise correction of refractive error
Disadvantages of Glasses
  • Glasses limit field of vision
  • Glasses minify or magnify objects
  • Glasses are extremely expensive over a lifetime wear
  • Glasses my limit certain activities and/ or occupations

Contact Lenses

Advantages of Contact lenses
  • They are cosmetically appealing
  • They eliminate the minification and magnification of glasses
Disadvantages of Contact lenses
  • Lenses cannot correct all refractive errors
  • Lenses are difficult to insert, clean and maintain
  • Lenses may lead to infection if used inappropriately
  • Lenses may cause physical changes of the eye over time

Project Drishti Eye Donation

Project Drishti is a programme undertaken by J.G.Solanki Charitable Trust under the dynamic leadership of

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